What Customers have to say

This is what the growing list of satisfied customers have to say about Barry’s work;

Mark Becker Ironman Veteran racer.

I was impressed with Barry Mayo right from the start. Mr Mayo did not know me but took the time to notice how my bike handled. He advised me to change springs and casually mentioned he could improve the action as well. I decided to try Barry Mayo Pro-Action Suspension service. It was an immediate improvement over my already revalved suspension. What impresses me the most with Mr. Mayo is the level of service after the sale. This man truly cares about his customers. I have observed him many times giving advice and helping people set their bikes up. I have never witnessed this level of dedication from any suspension tuner. Barry Mayo has earned my business for the future. Mark Becker – District 14 Hare Scrambles Chairman.

 Ed Milam Ironman Veteran Racer

Barry then explained what he was going to do to the suspension.  The turnaround time was great, ready before I was.  The performance was night and day difference.  Bike stays planted, front end does not push anymore.  On landings the bike hits and stays down.  The suspension works now.  In return that is giving me confidence to charge harder in turns and try bigger jumps.

Eric Barnes Expert Motocross

I’m really happy with the performance my bike is so much more predictable in the rough section I have never been so comfortable on fast whooped out straights. All around great set up, I’m more than happy! #603 Eric Barnes

Tom Glover Ironman Expert Veteran

The bike was now dramatically improved.  It handled much better because it would stick to the ground.  It sucked up big bumps without losing momentum and now floated over braking bumps and chop.  It also jumps much better, staying level in the air.  Really an amazing transformation.  This is the first time I feel like I really got my money’s worth on a suspension revalve.  I highly recommend  Pro-Action suspension by Barry Mayo. Prompt, excellent service with dramatic improvements, all at a great price, AWESOME!

Ned Flanders Casual Practice rider.

Barry took the time to evaluate the condition of my suspension. Besides not even missing a week at the track, it was now like riding on air compared to before.  Shock fade was gone, no more bottoming out, no more rebounds that would almost throw me off jumps.  Best of all, the bike is now so predictable & fun to ride, the instant boost in confidence while riding on the track was incredible, and as a bonus, it probably reduced my lap times by more than any other modification available.  This was by far the most well spent money I have put into any bike I have ever owned.  Based on this experience and how Barry was able to breathe life  my suspension, this is going to be the very first thing I do on any future bike I own and the first recommendation I would make to any rider.

Michael Coughlin Motocross racer.

Pro Action suspension makes coming up short on jumps feel like nothing, which doesn’t happen anyways now for me because of how easily the bike has become to jump. I use to have to grab as much throttle as I could before the jump, now the bike sores over everything like nothing. The pre-load in the rear shock makes all the difference. With Pro Action I just said what my weight was and now the bike is set up for my body. Every part about this suspension is amazing and the turnaround time was quick and easy. I will never have a bike without it. I would suggest to anyone to spend the money to have this done, you won’t regret it. I personally, had two guys talk me into getting this, telling me that it makes a stock bike seem terrible and it’s really true. You won’t believe it until you have it, I just tell my friends now its like riding on a cloud compared to anything else. I have always loved riding, but now I’m enjoying myself even more. I’m never sore from riding anymore, and just being that more comfortable on the bikes makes a world of difference. Overall this was the best service product I have ever bought for my bike hands down. Only way to go…….. Michael Coughlin

Terry Bidlack. Expert Veteran Motocross racer.

I have had many Suspension companies do my stuff and have never been happy. Let Barry do it with Pro- Action and you will be happy. He is why I got a 4th at Loretta Lynns. My bike was awesome, I was jumping in to the faces of the next jump, no bottoming or ricocheting. The bike went where I put it. Anyone who knows me knows I’m very picky when it comes to my suspension. Trust Barry, you won’t be sorry.